Gogoro 1 MSRP starting from USD $3,950*

Hyper connected. Always on. Our digitally integrated smart systems optimize your riding experience in every way possible.


  • Totally


    From tailored torque to light sensors,
    smart systems are looking out for you.

  • Totally Connected

    Theft History

    Link up to your Gogoro though the app,
    unlock super functions

  • Cloud Computing


    From trip record to vehicle analysis,
    we got you covered, safe and secured.


Smarter with
every ride.

A single click on the "Smart Button" makes every ride more efficient. Smart mode tunes your torque and optimizes your power to help you go further and have more fun.

Welcome to MyGogoro.

Wherever you ride, you’re always in control. Find batteries fast. Optimize performance. Customize your ride. Get rewards. The Gogoro® App keeps you constantly synced to your Smartscooter™ EV so you have the freedom and flexibility to get more out of every ride.

Make it yours

You’re one of a kind. Every ride should be one of a kind. Personalize your Gogoro with dynamic dashboard colors, light patterns and custom sound effects. Ride “different” every day. Feel the freedom of truly making Gogoro your Gogoro.

Maximize your Power

Use the Gogoro® App to set your energy efficiency. Turn off for more boost when you want it. Dial it up for greater distance when you need it. Optimize your riding style by tuning how much energy you save with regenerative braking.

Instant Diagnostics

Hit the road with confidence. The Gogoro® App is constantly tracking the status of your Smartscooter™ EV. If any maintenance issues are detected we’ll alert you immediately and if needed, even reserve an appointment to get it serviced right away.

Riding Snapshot

Capture stats from every trip and between every swap. Track your riding patterns over time. See top speed, longest commutes, and energy use at a glance. Watch your averages change and CO2 savings increase as you ride more efficiently.

Collect Badges

Gogoro makes riding everyday even more fun. Your first swap? A new top speed? Join a group ride? Earn badges along the way and unlock hidden functions, themes and rewards. The more you ride, the more you earn. All good.

Power Output

Watch your throttle converted to energy efficiency, harness every bit of power from your Smart Batteries.

Performance Record

Instantly broadcast your torque and motor rpm, and record your performance every time you turn the throttle.

Technical Analysis

Every ride is a new challenge. The app helps you take on tougher hills and sharper corners, pushing you to new limits.

Riding Records

Paid with the Gogoro App to display your average riding distance, speed and energy efficiency.

Power on Demand

Refuel instantly in a cleaner, easier, and smarter way. Our GoStations deliver power on demand all over the city. Reserve ahead or just pull up. Our system is constantly refreshing batteries, so getting the power you need is easy. Every GoStation™ is synced to our network to offer you instant diagnostics and important riding info with every swap.

Smart Vision

Our SmartBrite™ Programmable Vehicle LED lighting system is brilliant in every way. When you’re stopped the lights dim. They turn up automatically through tunnels. We optimize power in every condition so you get greater efficiency, faster response, and crystal clear visibility, always.

Your Turn. Our Turn.

Your job is to enjoy the ride, our job is to make it better. That's true even for fine details like the blinker turning off automatically when you complete your turn.

Gogoro® iQ System™

The Gogoro® iQ System™ is like an OS for your Smartscooter™ EV. Riding data, diagnostics, adaptive systems, personalization, are all synchronized through our onboard computer. By managing all digital components, its constantly tuning the ultimate smart ride experience, tailored just for you.

Quick Link

Double your control. iQ System™ Quick Link keeps your Smartscooter™ EV connected to the Gogoro® network and stores all your riding data in the cloud. Unlike a traditional scooter, all your information is displayed on your digital dashboard as well as on your smart phone, so you’re always up to speed.

Smart Key

Secure, hack-proof, and absolutely beautiful. Gogoro® iQ System™ Smart Key is an ultra slim and compact smart tool that uses Bluetooth to power on your Smartscooter™ EV and NFC to communicate to GoStations. With it, your Smartscooter™ EV always knows it’s you.

Smart Lock

Gogoro® Smartscooter™ EV has an intelligent security system. Only you can start it. Lock it down with just a click from your iQ System™ Smart Key. If you forget, no problem, the iQ System™ Smart Lock will do it for you automatically. Can’t remember where you parked? It’s Ok. The Gogoro® App will find it for you.

Our Design Ethos:

Think 360°

For us smarter begins with simple ideas that deliver more. Design and technology harmonize in our Horizon LED tail light that draws less energy while increasing visibility.

The MSRP indicated above does not include any battery packs, sales tax, VAT, freight, import duty and government subsidy. Please reach our international sales contacts for more details.