Gogoro S2 Adventure


Pull back the throttle and go wherever
adventure calls with the toughest,
sportiest Gogoro S2 yet.

Ignite Your
Adventurous Spirit

Tough handguards keep you protected on all terrain, leaving you free to explore.

Blackout Iron Rear Rack

Made from super-strong iron alloy, we’ve also expanded the S2 Adventure’s rack so you can carry more gear.

Aluminum Headlight Guard

Crafted from aluminum alloy with a matte black finish, the headlight guard and beak-shaped front fender create a look as tough as the ride itself.

Built To Conquer

A specially-designed suspension makes you the master of any terrain.

Exclusive to Gogoro S2 Adventure, the higher suspension increases shock-absorption, smoothing the roughest roads.

Taller than the standard Gogoro S2, the Adventure allows you to see farther ahead and react quickly to road conditions.

The Gogoro S2 Adventure’s base height is also higher, providing a larger incline angle to nimbly handle various surfaces.

Enlarge Your Exploration

Gear up for the long-haul with Gogoro S2 Adventure Tour Edition.

Front Design Bumper

These sleek matte black bars curve around your headlight for protection—and look fierce.

Side-Panel Racks

Installed on each side of Gogoro S2 Adventure, side panel racks look great and help prevent damage by other vehicles while you’re parked.

Waterproof Travel Panniers

Made from 100% waterproof material with high-frequency welding, flexible storage bags keep your gear safe from rain and humidity.

Aluminum Floor Mat

With anti-slip strips, the upgraded floor mat offers comfort and solid protection from the moment you step aboard.

Ready To Road Trip

Patented air cushion provides unparalleled support and disperses pressure for maximum comfort, even off-road.

Our exclusive Adventure badge adds riveted-in style.

Pure S Performance Legacy

Underneath its new rugged appearance, Gogoro S2 Adventure continues the extreme performance of S Performance series.

0-50 KM/H
KW at
3,000 RPM
NM at
the wheel

Unbeatable Braking

A 245mm enlarged front disc brake provides the strongest stopping power yet. Our original Synchronized Braking System allows each brake to perform better on all terrain.

Race-Level 4 Piston Radial Mounted Calipers

Disk brakes are radial-locked into place, preventing vibrations and self-distortion, making a quick stop a sure bet.

Shock Absorption

With a front suspension that’s thicker and more robust than the standard Gogoro, the S2 Adventure absorbs bumps at high speeds, while custom dampening controls provide comfort in any condition.

Customize Your Adventure

Use the Gogoro® App not only to lock up your bike, use it to tailor your Gogoro’s performance and look.

iQ System® Update

Gogoro continuously updates the firmware to keep your ride future-facing.


The Gogoro’s upgraded security system sets a new anti-theft standard. Use your face, fingers or a password to lock and unlock your Gogoro S2 Adventure.

Personalized Style

Tweak the color of your Smart Dash and play with the sound your Gogoro makes when it turns on—there’s countless ways to make your Gogoro S2 Adventure your own.

Quick, Swap, Go!

+ GoStation® at your service. Simply swap to a pair of charged batteries in under 6 seconds.


Gear Up vs. Travel Light

Do you want to fully prep for a long journey, or zip to nearby hidden sights? The Gogoro S2 Adventure offers a Tour Edition for those that want to leave the urban jungle in the rear-view mirror.

Gogoro S2 Adventure


Gogoro S2 Adventure



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Asphalt Silver Grey/Desert Khaki

Length x width x height (not including mirrors)

1,905×890×1,120 mm

Seat height


Max. lean angle (without mainstand)

Left: 43 degree / Right: 44 degree

Max. torque (Motor / Wheel)

26/213Nm @ 0–2,500 rpm

Brake rotor

245 mm drilled slot disc

Brake caliper

4 piston


Damper adjustable

Brake system

SBS (Synchronized braking system)



Headlight / Front turn signal / Tail light


Trunk size