Gogoro Battery Swapping Super GoStation

What Impact Can Battery Swapping Have on Cities?

Gogoro's ultra-fast Swap & Go battery swapping experience and virtually unstealable Smartscooters sparked an EV transformation in Taiwan six years ago and is now poised to ignite EV revolutions in the world's largest two-wheel markets


Almost six years to the day that we delivered our very first Smartscooter to Davy Chen on July 25, 2015, Ms. Peng from Hsinchu City became the Gogoro Network's 400,000th subscriber. Peng and her funky purple Gogoro VIVA MIX join a growing legion of Gogoro-powered electric 2Ws zipping around the streets of Taiwan that have, to date, swapped batteries. That collective effort has saved over kilograms of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of what over 30 million trees absorb in a year.


These milestones are a testament to Gogoro's 360˚ urban mobility platform as a real long-term solution for what riders prefer and need to shift from gasoline to electric. They also demonstrate the power of a shared and focused mission to impact our cities and planet positively. 


To accelerate this shift to electric for all, we had to rethink every aspect of an electric vehicle, from manufacturing to maintenance to the ride itself and the ownership experience. We understood that urban riders needed a solution beyond just replacing an ICE with a battery pack and calling it an "electric" vehicle. Every detail needed an upgrade. Cities required a safe, sustainable, scalable and smart EV charging infrastructure


That's why we engineered safe, swappable, smart batteries built on an upgradeable, future-proof technology platform. It's why we designed the world's first "smart" vehicles with iQ, an always up-to-date operating system that keeps you safer on the streets by anticipating your needs. We made them easy to own and a blast to ride, too. Then we synced it all together on a network of battery swapping stations that intelligently distributes energy, so the power you need is always ready, when and where you need it. 24/7. 


The same year we launched the Gogoro Network and the Gogoro 1 Smartscooter, sales of electric two-wheelers in Taiwan more than doubled. As GoStations have increased from 30 in 2015 to today, 2W EV ownership has increased 40 times over.


Coincidence? Hardly.


Riders in Taiwan chose Gogoro's simpler, easier and more intuitive user experience over all other available EVs, including both plug-in and alternative battery swapping options, and continue to do so today.


Together with our PBGN partners, Gogoro-powered smart vehicles account for nearly 97% of all electric two-wheelers sold in Taiwan, while Gogoro Smartscooters alone account for over 10% of all 2W sales today. As a result, Gogoro has become the defacto standard for powering electric two-wheelers in Taiwan and paved the way forward for smart battery swapping in cities worldwide. 


GoStations now outnumber gas stations in Taiwan and are within 500 meters of riders in the six largest cities. To stay ahead of increasing demand in those cities, we've been rolling out Super GoStations that support up to a thousand swaps a day in the same space it takes to park a couple of cars. Our 100th Super GoStation just came online this past month and we're on track to have 140 Super GoStations online by the end of the year. 


It's easy to see why and how we've been able to radically transform Taiwan's cities when exchanging batteries takes just seconds. In fact, Gogoro Network subscribers swap batteries a day, with each swap saving 1.5 KGs of CO2.



As we expand the Gogoro Network with our partners in India, China and beyond, and continue to add new riders in Taiwan, like Ms. Peng, our impact grows exponentially with every swap. While it might have taken six years to save our first 300m KGs of CO2, it certainly won’t take that long to reach the next 300m, and that's good news for everyone, everywhere.

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